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Welcome to Aushops!

Were excited to offer our new Web2.0 style website Design Technology. Our Team at Aushops Website Design, combines professional graphic design and web functionality to deliver quality websites at affordable prices using the very latest Web2.0 Design Technology.

Built around a unique Content Management System your website design can incorporate Shopping Carts, Flash elements, Security features, Database functionality, and many of todays in-demand programming. Aushops Designed Websites once finished will allow you the customer the ability to update and edite your site!.
Imagine no more ongoing website design costs! Keeping your site current, and fresh is in your hands, 100 percent managed by our clients.
Call and talk to us directly to discuss your website requirements or contact us via email and we will gladly respond... shopping around won't be necessary, our prices and our websites speak for themselves.
Aushops Web2.0 boasts a lot of new features, giving your visitors a great user experience!

The 'never-before-seen' IconMenu adds to the Web2.0 interface by giving a 'mac-like' menu which will see the images grow in front of your users eyes as they mouse over them! Not only that, but we also have a range of Typography including code blocks, tick boxes, a range of speech bubbles and heaps more! built into our site code

And, if it can get any better than that, we also have loads of new icons and buttons including unique "Download" and "SignUp" images which will just add that extra touch of user interactivity.

So if your after a web2.0 style website that will stand out from the crowd, sign up today and be one of the first owners of an Aushops Web 2.0 Designed Website.


The Perfect Width

The Perfect Width Aushops Websites are designed with the ability to work in any width screen. With a single control, we can set Your site to display in the width that is perfect for your viewers needs, be it fixed width or fluid. Our Designs also allow you to easily change the width of the side nav area.

Why Choose Aushops

All of our servers are located in Sydney, Australia and are owned and managed in house. Our own sys-admin and developer teams are responsible for the design, maintenance and 24x7 monitoring of all systems and services

All Hosting Plans Feature

Australian Servers. 90day money back guarantee. 24 Hour Monitoring. Daily Secure Backups. 100% Australian - All our staff and
all our hardware are located in Australia


We provide an extremely easy to use content management system which allows you to update your site - including adding new pages - without having to pay ongoing maintenance or design fees.


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