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Digital Certificates (or DCs) are a standard software application loaded onto your web server that provides a secure encrypted link (SSL-secure socket layer) between a website and a customer. It enables your customers to transact securely with you online. Think of it as a secure 'pipeline' which provides protection for data being transmitted through it. Basic measures such as DCs can make it harder for hackers to crack passwords and gain unauthorised access. There are two main levels of encryption (40 bit and 128 bit) and your choice will depend upon who your likely customers are, the levels of browser sophistication and how secure you wish your website to be. In addition to providing information security, DCs also perform another vital role. They act as a built-in verification of your organisation's identity. The world wide web is a big place and for you to be able to capture a customer's interest and better still supply them with products online, they must have confidence and trust that you are: (a) a valid organisation; and (b) that you are who you say you are. When trading internationally, proof of identity is paramount, particularly to attract new business. DCs help proove your online identity and help guard against Cybersquatters and trademark infringers who may trade off your brand names and reputation.

We think DCs may help you solve many of the problems related to online security, identity and privacy. Most of all, they give your customers peace of mind that their information is secure and in the right hands.A Matter of Law in Australia Changes to the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), which became effective on 21 December, 2001, mean that certain Australian businesses now have prescribed obligations relating to the collection and use of information (including personal information). If these obligations apply to your business, we think that having a DC operating on your website(s) may be of assistance to you in complying with these obligations.For example, a Digital Certificate can assist with securing and protecting personal information that you obtain from your customers (such as through your customer filling in credit card information through your website if you are selling products and services online, or, filling out feedback and contact information.

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