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What do I need to accept secure, real time credit card payments online?

There are four compulsory componants required to accept secure, real time credit card payments via an AUSHOPS powered website:

1. Your AUSHOPS powered website must contain the AUSHOPS online shopping system - this system allows you to publish and manage the products and services you offer for sale online

2. You require an account with our e-commerce partner - eWAY

3. Your require an Internet Merchant Facility with either St George, Bank SA, CBA, Westpac, NAB or ANZ

4. You must have an Australian bank account

The secure transaction process

The AUSHOPS online shopping system features a fully integrated 'secure' interface, so that customers purchasing from your AUSHOPS powered website complete all transactions from what appears to be a 'normal', secure page on your website.

In fact, when a customer finalises their order, in the background the transaction is actually handled as follows:

AUSHOPS securely passes the transaction details to eWAY
eWAY securely contacts the customers credit card provider for transaction approval
eWAY securely advises both AUSHOPS and your Internet Merchant Facility of the transaction status 
AUSHOPS securely passes the success/failure message and any other related information back to your customer (including triggering of automated e-mail alerts etc.)
The Internet Merchant Facility securely deposits the funds into your bank account.
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 How to apply to accept real time credit card payments

In order to accept real-time secure credit card payments via your AUSHOPS powered online shopping system you need to first establish an Internet Merchant Facility, and then establish an account with our e-commerce partner eWAY.

Before you apply for an eWAY account (which takes about 10 minutes via the eWAY web site), you must first apply for an Internet Merchant Facility from your chosen Australian Bank.

It is vital that your chosen bank is supported by our e-commerce partner eWAY, currently eWAY supports:

St George
Bank SA

Important Notes:

An Internet Merchant Facility is not a bank account.
An Internet Merchant Facility is a different facility to a normal credit card merchant facility.
An Internet Merchant Facility simply 'facilitates' the online payment process by depositing funds into your nominated bank account, and in fact your Internet Merchant Facility can be provided by a different bank to your nominated bank account
Fees and charges, application complexity, establishment time, and approval rates vary from bank to bank - we recommend you discuss your requirements with your AUSHOPS consultant for personal advise.

Once your Internet Merchant Facility is approved you will receive a Terminal ID Number, you will need to enter this number when creating your eWAY account, which can be accessed via the Sign Up section of the eWAY website. Aushops will usually do this for you.

As a major eWAY partner, all AUSHOPS clients receive free account set up and priority processing at no additional charge, so remember to make certain you select AUSHOPS as your shopping cart provider when creating your eWAY account.

Once your eWAY account application has been processed and approved you will receive an eWAY Merchant ID.

The final part of the process is simply advising AUSHOPS of your eWAY Merchant ID so we can integrate your secure payment system into your AUSHOPS powered website.

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 What's an Internet Merchant Facility?

An Internet Merchant Facility (IMF) is a product provided by Australian banks.

An IMF is one of several key components used to facilitate real-time secure credit card transactions over the Internet.

If you want to accept real-time, secure credit card payment for products or services over the Internet you need:

An online shop - typically part of your web site, your customers can browse your products and add them to a shopping cart: AUSHOPS provides a fully functioned, highly automated online shopping system.

An account with a Payment Gateway - A Payment Gateway takes the order details from the shopping cart on your web site and then allows the customer to securely enter their credit card details: AUSHOPS preferred Payment Gateway partner is eWAY

The Payment Gateway then processes the transaction taking the money from the customers credit card account and passing it to your IMF.

Your IMF then passes the funds to your nominated bank account in due course.

Note: An Interent Marchant Facility is not a bank account and you do not have to have an Internet Merchant Facility with the same bank your actual bank account is held with.

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